Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kinky - Part Two

Again, this story is pretty kinky so if you don’t want to post it or read it, please don’t. It was my first experience with a very captivating guy I met at The Club on a nice Sunday afternoon. After my hose down and shower, he was walking me over to a room and I wasn’t sure what to expect.

We walked into a room that had a bit of equipment in it. There was a sling in the corner, a TV, a bed and a variety of toys. I had no idea what was going to happen to me in the room, but I figured if it crossed a line I didn’t like I could always make it clear that I wanted out. Even though the guy was captivating and really intense, he seemed benevolent and kind, too. It was a very interesting combination and I was intrigued to say the least.

He sat down on the bed and motioned for me to come over. We started making out and rolling around on the bed. It was hot, very passionate and a bit aggressive. He would pin me down and have me and then let me wrestle him down a bit. It was hot and we were clearly getting more and more excited.

After awhile of that, he whispered to me that it was time to move on. I agreed and he stood up and all of a sudden had a force about him. It was a tad alarming, but again not in a bad way. He then walked over and in one swoop forced himself into my mouth. I had never had such aggressive oral sex, but I went with it and realized that his command was really turning me on. It wasn’t an overly pleasant experience as I kept choking, but for some strange reason I did enjoy it.

After he was done there he took me to the sling and strapped me in it. I had never been in one and wasn’t quite sure what the point was. It became very clear soon. He lubed me up and just started playing down there in a way that alternated pleasure and a tiny bit of pain, which made the pleasure part feel even better. It was incredible and I felt like I was on cloud nine.

I heard the condom wrapper and knew it was all over at this point. Over is a loose term, cause the fucking lasted awhile – he was definitely no novice at it. It was incredible and I had never in my life felt quite that intense of a pleasure. I believe it was the combination of the mental kink and the intense pleasure with a bit of pain. Whatever it was, it was something I hope gets repeated soon!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kinky - Part One

This story may be a tad kinky for some, but I just have to tell it. You don’t have to post it to the blog unless you want to. I recently went to The Club on a Sunday afternoon to really mosey along and see what was going on. It wasn’t overly busy, but there was a good group of guys there. One of them was eyeing me from across the room as I sat out reading and getting a bit of sun. He was probably in his 30s, toned body, but nothing Adonis-like. I wasn’t sure how I felt about him yet and figured would let the afternoon take its course.

It wasn’t more than 15 minutes later when he walked over and sat next to me. Upon closer examination I realized he was a bit hairy and more toned than I realized from afar. It was clear that he was a man of conviction. We made small talk, he seemed like an alright guy and had a pleasant and firm smile. He then asked me what I was into. That question I always find loaded and made some generic response about being safe.

He smiled and grabbed my leg firmly. He looked into my eyes with an intense gaze and told me that he liked to be in control and liked somebody to submit to him. I laughed nervously, but must say I was pretty intrigued. I then responded that I had always been interested in those kinds of scenes, but haven’t explored much. He chuckled and said he’d help me through it.

I followed him – almost like I was in a daze – through the bathhouse. We went into the shower and he told me, very forcefully to stand still. We were both naked and I was waiting for him to turn the shower on, but he just stood there looking at me. He told me I needed to be branded before I was cleaned. Before I could figure out what he meant by that, I felt a warm stream of liquid on my leg. I looked up and realized he was pissing on me.

The initial shock hadn’t really sunk in until he took his stream and started peeing all over my body. He had an evil grin on his face as he walked around, covering me in it. I wish I could say I was disgusted and left, but I ended up just standing there, and as it was happening, I got rock hard. I never had done that before, but I guess I really liked it.

When he was done he looked at my hard cock, dripping now, he laughed and turned on the shower. He scrubbed me down and made sure every part of me, inside and out was cleaned. When he was finished he took a step back and said, “There, now you’re ready.” I had no idea what he meant, part of me was scared, and part of me was very excited.