Friday, July 30, 2010

Another Convert

I decided to take my friend to The Club. He had never been before and was incredibly skeptical about it. I have to admit, I didn’t blame him, I was very judgmental on the whole idea before I became an addict. (Just kidding) I knew once he went a few times, it would be great and he’d be a lover like me. The only problem was I also knew he’d be somewhat clingy the first time and I wasn’t quite comfortable with that. Still, I figured we’d manage.

We went on a Friday late night hoping there would be a good after-the-bars crowd there. We were in luck, there was a great crowd a diverse group of guys. I told him we’d take it easy and we just lounged around some of the common areas. I figured if we had some social time it would make him more comfortable.

As soon as we sat down a couple guys decided to put on a show right next to us. I started to panic a little bit, thinking my friend would be freaked out, but he seemed to be enjoying it. It’s one of those things that feels better once you’re in it. The two guys next to us were incredibly hot. One was older, scruffy, muscular and the other one was younger and not as toned. They obviously knew how to excite each other and it wasn’t long until a crowd was watching. It was sexy, but not pretentious or anything, and I could see that my friend was having a good time.

A couple guys I had seen there before came over and started chatting us up and they were really great. We had some great conversations and I knew at this point that my friend was definitely feeling the vibe and enjoying one of my Club acquaintances. We were just shooting the shit until one of them started massaging my friend and asked if he wanted to go check out the room he rented. I gave a look of protection, but I got an OK signal from my friend and I let them go off and have fun. My attention went back to the show that was going on.

It still wasn’t finished. These guys were animals and the crowd was thoroughly enjoying it. Some started pairing off or putting on side shows, but the vibe was incredible. Everywhere you looked you could see guys either really enjoying themselves or enjoying what other people were doing. I spent a good portion of the night just running around and making friends and enjoying the shows that were everywhere. Not necessarily the busiest night I’ve had there, but my friend had a great time with that guy and I had a great time just soaking up the vibe and talking to some great guys. All in all, another great night and a new satisfied customer.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Off Peak

It was four o’clock in the morning on a Monday night / Tuesday morning. I really wanted to meet some guys, but wasn’t sure if it was going to be worth going to The Club. I decided to just go, figuring that at least somebody would be there. There definitely was somebody there – some bodies I should say.

I walked in and as expected, the crowd was a little sparse.  a couple guys were milling about, but nobody I really wanted to hang out with. I decided it would be nice to go lounge in the steam room to take a load off my night. I had been working late and then went out for a few drinks and really just wanted to relax with a new friend. New friends are often found in steam rooms.

I sat down, leaned back and closed my eyes. I found myself in a bit of a euphoric state, just feeling the heat of the steam on my body, letting the toxins just pour out of me. I heard the door open and shut a couple times, but I wasn’t in any mood to leave my newfound state of enlightenment and I started to enjoy myself all alone in the heat. Well, apparently if you want the boys to come running all you have to do is start touching yourself. The next thing I knew, the steam room had quite a little party going on.

I first realized that there were people around by sensing them. I figured it was time to join the crowd and open my eyes and that’s when I realized a good six guys – all different types – were standing around watching me play with myself. It was clear that I was enjoying the exhibitionism so I thought, “What the hell?” and really let loose. I found myself putting on a show that I didn’t even know I was capable of, and the guys in the room were eating it up (figuratively at this point).

I decided to show everybody how limber I could really be and got into a couple of my favorite jack off positions. The crowd was impressed and I couldn’t take it anymore. I dove right in and I must say, being the center of attention at The Club is fucking amazing. The crowd was really getting into it and there were limbs crashing together as the wet heat all around us permeated our pores. It was one of those experiences where you just give it all up and let your body flow with everybody else. It was great, and a wonderful surprise early on a Tuesday morning!