Thursday, December 11, 2008

Club Columbus - Dec 2008 Newsletter

On December 1, people and organizations around the globe take part in World AIDS Day to bring awarness to the continued epidemic of HIV infection. There's a real complacency, a belief that contracting HIV is not a big deal, when in reality, it is profoundly life-changing. Club Columbus is unique in our commitment to the community by offering free testing to everyone, member or non-member. Since early detection is key, you and I need to get tested on a regular basis. It's free, easy, convenient, and confidential--so what are you waiting for? Contact the club for testing dates and times.

For those seeking quiet serenity, Club Columbus is a relaxing retreat that awaits you this holiday season. What could be better than to savor the company of gay friends within a spa setting for the holidays. The club's gift to you are free lockers from 4pm December 24 to 4pm December 25--one full day. Our Christmas Eve party starts at 7pm withclassic food, festive drinks, and free giveaways. There will be drawings at 8pm for an iPod Nano, a Nikon digital camera, and a dinner for two at Mitchell's Steak House. You must be present to win.

RING IN 2009
If cruising naked men sounds like an ideal way to ring in 2009, than here's a hint: New Year's Eve at Club Columbus. Food, drinks, and party favors will be included. And for New Year's Eve after hours--use your imagination. Who says that seeking some naughty doesn't make you feel nice starting a new year.

For the LGBT Community, the passage of the anti-gay Californian Proposion 8 was a terrible blow. The powerful, diverse coalition that fought Prop 8 included not only LGBT groups but also labor groups, ethnic groups and more. Every newspaper across the state of California editorialized against the measure. However, sadly the Yes on 8 campaign's tactics of lies and deception, funded largely by members of the Mormon church, succeded in scaring and manipulating fair-minded voters. In order to send a message to the hierarchy of the Mormon Church, has been launched. For every donation of $5 or more, the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center will send a postcard to the president of the Mormon Church, letting him know that a donation to overturn Prop 8 has been made in his name. It's time to take a stand.