Friday, July 6, 2018

Club St. Louis Newsletter - July 2018

Even though the Pride festivities and the July 4th Fireworks are behind us,  we have a lot of fun things planned for the upcoming summer months.
Here's what's up.

Saturday July 14th
Turn him on and let him go! That's been our method of operation every since we started hosting Sterling the second Saturday of each month. It works, it isn't broke, so why fix it. Right?

Saturday August 11th
Sterling Johnson returns!

Sadly, this is the last "big bang" weekend before we head into fall. We are still working on events and special guests for this event so check event boards in the Club and Facebook for future updates.

Our list of ongoing specials are notable so jot them down:
*Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm Lockers $12
*Guys 18-24 - Red Card Memberships are $10  Lockers are $8 ALWAYS
*Birthday Locker - Members get a FREE LOCKER on their birthday. Verification required
*Lights Out Party - Last Thursday of Each Month 8pm
Movie Nights - Every Wednesday evening 7pm . Hot dogs and popcorn served.

*Sunday Lunch - Every Sunday 1pm

Enjoy the heat!

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  1. Just curious who all gets to read this? Hopefully everyone that comes to the club. If that's the case then my name is David and I am looking for some experienced guys that would maybe come over to my room and kinda show me some pointers. I hope there are some guys open minded and honest to me about the way I am doing things. And something important to me is that I am not racists and I would love to have a couple black guys be interested in helping out.