Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Club St Louis February 2018 Newsletter

February, for some, is the month of Love. For us it is 28 days that we have to step through in order to get to spring. You might find it hard to believe but we are already making plans for the reopening of the pool and spring/summer events. It will be here before you know it. In the meantime, let's see what we have going on..........

Sundays are always a good time to get with friends around a delicious buffet of food. Sunday February 4th will be a day of extras. Join us at 1pm for our weekly Sunday spread and again at 6:30pm to cheer on your favorite team in the Super Bowl. Everybody wins with free stadium food.

Spend time with us on Valentines Day for our weekly Movie Night and Special Red Light Party, starting at 7 pm. The usual movie night snacks (hot dogs & popcorn ) will be provided along with mouthwatering chocolates. Glow sticks provided.

If you have noticed more than the normal amount of banging going on it's because we are in the process of adding more (and updating our existing) Deluxe Suites. We are almost at the finish line and are planning a HARD OPEN within the first weeks of February. We may even have a special guest on hand to help cut the ribbon. Stay tuned!

It really is short and sweet but now you have the skinny on what is happening in February here @ Club St. Louis. Of course there is always something going on even if it isn't an event or a special Holiday. Check with us on Facebook to get last minute event and up to date info.


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