Monday, May 1, 2017

Club Indianapolis Newsletter - May 2017

Welcome to May and the month of the Taurus!  Listen up all you "bullheads"...don't forget to line up for a FREE birthday LOCKER on you special day.  Just show us your ID, be a member of the Club and slide into your birthday suit for some fun "CLUB STYLE".  As a fellow Taurus, I can tell you that anything is possible this month with all the hot bulls running around.  MAY MADNESS?

The pool is warm.  The patio is hot.  The Club is happy!  With the new tropical plants and cozy atmosphere, it is the perfect place to escape the madness of the outside world.  Your own little oasis!

Take a bite of our BAD BOY MEAT every Sunday at 1 pm when we serve up a delicious Sunday lunch fit for a BULL!  There' nothing like a full belly to go along with that lazy day by the pool.

Sometimes we are fortunate to hire the most amazing people and get to develop an amazing relationship with them.  Here at Club Indianapolis, one of those people is Anthony.  He not only is a valued employee but a friend to so many of us who are members of The Club.  But all good things come to an end and it is with mixed emotions that we say good-by to Anthony here in Indianapolis.  Anthony is leaving Club Indianapolis, but is staying with our organization in Columbus, Ohio.  We want to officially congratulate Anthony in his new role at Club Columbus.  We wish him the best of luck in his new job.

As you know, Memorial Day Weekend kicks off he official summer season for The Club and we never take the event lightly.  It will be a busy weekend and we will be ready!  As it is every year, we anticipate a consistent flow of HOT MEN that will start on Friday morning and not let up until well after we have served the last bit of food at Monday's special Memorial Day Buffet @ 1 pm.  Hot men, great music, yummy food = SCORE!!!

Summer is by far our favorite season of the year.  Even though we strive to make your Club experience a good one throughout the entire year, nothing excites us more than watching you enjoy our Outdoor Pool and Patio.  So....enjoy and have a great summer!

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