Thursday, August 8, 2013

Club New Orleans News

Decadence!  Decadence!  Decadence!  New Orleans is the home of Labor Day weekend’s most extravagant and seedy holiday in the south…  Southern Decadence.  What started as a going away party amongst friends some 40 years ago has turned into one of gay New Orleans’ biggest holidays.  And boy does The Club New Orleans have plans for this year!

Getting ready for the celebration, Mark Craven from the Ft. Lauderdale head office has traveled in to assist manager Robbie Martin in stocking and preparing.  The theater has been partially reworked until it can be completely renovated after the holiday.  The LED lighting installation is complete throughout the club, in every hall on every floor.  Many of the remnants of days gone by have been removed and The Club New Orleans is looking more fresh and modern in every day that passes.  All of our hardcore rooms have been reworked with flat screen TVs, metallic paint, and improved ventilation.  The A/C blower unit in the wet area has a new motor and it surely blows!  First floor lockers have been moved into the sauna/steam room area from their previous home with the vending machines, allowing for a more sensible use of space.  In their absence, the lone bottled water machine has been moved out of the gym and table and barstools were added for a nice snacking area.  Speaking of a snacking area, the sundeck roof is now home to a picnic table shaded with an umbrella, providing a rooftop relaxation space that doubles as a home to nibbles during events…

The team members of The Club New Orleans have really pulled together in preparation for the holiday and a few exemplary employees have taken on new duties.  Robert Richards has been promoted to Facilities Manager as he maintains the amenities and all of their inner workings.  John Parker has been named Administrative Assistant and helps Robbie handle the day to day operations of the club.  Last but not least, Barry Bernucho has earned the title of Assistant Manager as he helps close out the business day each day.  Robbie says “I have a great team and they are all excellent team players!”

And that brings us to Southern Decadence, kicking off on Thursday, August 29th with a meet-and-greet with celebrity porn blogger Sister Roma (HotHouse Studios, The Tim & Roma Show) and porn stars Ethan Ayers and Damien Stone!  Come get the scoop on your favorite porn stars directly from Roma, or meet Ethan and Damien in the flesh…and we do mean IN THE FLESH!  Manager Robbie Martin ducks out briefly on Friday, August 30th to DJ for the famed and anticipated Bearracuda party, making its yearly appearance in New Orleans.  And on Saturday, August 31, The Club New Orleans hosts the Bearracuda recovery edition of Bear Trap with free refreshments and pizza from Pizza Delicious!

Have some good, clean, decadent fun at The Club New Orleans in August…and as we say in New Orleans, “Laissez les bon temps rouler!”

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