Sunday, April 7, 2013

Club Indianapolis News

If you are like us you are glad to see April and the smell of (almost) summertime in the air. Something stirs inside us when we start making preparations for the upcoming pool season and the fun that lies ahead. We plan to have our OUTDOOR HEATED POOL open by the middle of the month.

We always enjoy a good "giveaway" party, actually any kind of party for that matter, and can't wait to see what parties we can throw around the pool this year. We plan to steal the local DJ (DJ JEREMY JAMES) away from Club Columbus for a weekend or two but we are always happy to have DJ Jimmy from Greg's spin for us. With his rugged good looks and that spit in your eye attitude, he is an Indianapolis favorite. He is the host of many a party at Greg's so you can join him there for drinks and fun or you can lie in wait for him here. He is candy for the eye.

Make sure you check out our latest ad for all of the listed discounts and specials. The 18-24 Free Guest Pass special seems to be very popular considering our location. For those who made bonds based on the romantic fall weather and the threat of a lonely winter only to find that love thaw once spring arrives, we have added an EX-RATED Wednesday. Isn't it time to get out, mix, mingle and enjoy some GOOD. CLEAN. FUN. with someone new? We think so.

We have several ways to keep you informed of all of our upcoming events. You can look us up and like us Facebook.You can find us and Tweet us @ Clubindy on Twitter. Both offer up a great forum for you to express your thoughts and give your ideas on what we can do to make your visits more enjoyable. Or just look at the hot pics. Don't forget to hash tag us #clubindy......

Well, that's all for this month, the sexy pool boy awaits and we've got some chairs to tidy up and put out. We look forward to seeing you poolside soon!

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