Sunday, March 20, 2011

Passion in the Bathouse

I’m more of a romantic than somebody who whores around a lot. With that being said, I do have my needs and from time to time I really want to just have sex. I go to The Club a lot in order to satisfy my carnal urges and it almost always comes through for me. It’s an incredible place full of fantasies and hot encounters.

Last week I needed a fix, so I stopped by the Club to see who was around. It’s not particularly the time of year people are out and about, but I figured people might get a little stir crazy by this point staying inside all the time. I was right.

The place was filled with a lot of men, mainly around my age and different types. I sat in the sauna for a while deciding on who to approach. I am shyer than most people so I generally have to work up the nerve to actually approach somebody in a place like this. Luckily I didn’t have to wait awhile because a few guys came in and more than one of them was clearly interested in what I had to offer.

One of the guys seemed soft. I don’t mean that physically at all, but he just seemed like somebody who you could talk to after sex and get to know. Those kinds of guys are my weakness, so I kept smiling at him and he came over to sit next to me. Instead of grabbing my dick or shoving his tongue in my mouth he asked me my name and shook my hand. I was in love.

Neither of us had paid for a room, so we decided to just talk for a while. After ten minutes we were full-fledged making out. He was such a good kisser and it was so sensual I couldn’t help but just fall into him. I decided we needed some private space, got a room and we had one of the most sensual, loving sexual experiences ever – with a stranger!

It was incredible. We took turns entering each other as the sweat just kept dripping off our bodies. We rolled around, kissed each other with every ounce of vigor in our bodies and felt one another. I don’t want to sound overly cheesy (although I’m sure I already have), but it was actually really romantic for a bathhouse. Anybody who tells you it’s not possible is lying. We actually still keep in touch and meet up once in a while. It was great.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Twinks I Need

It was a little bit of a surprise. I wasn’t expecting to really enjoy myself at The Club. I am a man of conviction, I am a workaholic and I don’t really need to go to bathhouses to really get my rocks off. I realized after my night there though that it’s not about the need to get your rocks off, it’s about wanting to do it in a new, very fun way.

I walked in, changed, and decided to prowl the area for some boys. As I had suspected, there was nothing too crazy or enticing going on. I got a bottle of water and decided to veg with a book. Worst case scenario, I can have a relaxing afternoon in the nude. Not too shabby.

I was really into my book when I noticed there was some commotion around. I looked up and saw that the place had filled up a bit in the hour I had been there. I stared around and realized that there was a really good mix of guys. Older, younger, attractive, not so attractive – they were all around. I was into the younger boy looking guy and realized I had a few options in front of me. It was pretty cool.

I selected a boy and decided to get him. I walked up to the group he was in and politely introduced myself and made some small talk. They were discussing a popular movie, so it wasn’t rocket science I had to give my opinion about. I stared at the boy and made it clear that I wanted him. He smiled back and I realized this was going to be fruitful.

I took him back to the little room I had and we started making out. He was pretty good and I was getting excited. He stopped kissing me all of a sudden and looked up at me a little apprehensive. I asked him what was wrong and he said nothing. I probed a little more and then he said, “I’m kinda here with my boyfriend and I think he wanted to join us.”

I resisted the urge to roll my eyes and figured he was the uglier guy in the group. I was too excited to go back, so I told him to bring him in. He scurried away excited and then came back with a twinky guy even hotter than himself. My frown turned upside down and I realized I had severely hit the jackpot. I took the boys into my lair and we had an amazing session – the three of us taking on many different positions all over the room. It was incredible.