Thursday, January 20, 2011

Met Online

Somebody on The Clubs website told me he’d meet me at the bathhouse to make me feel more secure. I was very nervous even though I had always wanted to go to The Club. His name was Rick and he was much older than me. Still, his pictures were hot and he seemed like a nice guy I could go through the experience with. He told me to meet him in the steam room once I came in and I changed, scared to death, and walked around trying to find the steam room.

I think a lot of guys were staring at me, probably because I looked so nervous. I’m not unattractive, but I’m not obese or anything, but I don’t think they were staring at me salivating or anything. (Although looking back, in retrospect, maybe they were.) So I walked into the steam room and it was pretty packed. I had no idea how I was supposed to find him in the dark steam, I had only seen his picture online.

As I was entering the steam room I realized that there was a bit of a crowd gathered around one guy in the middle. When I got to the commotion I saw the guy from online with a couple of younger guys going down on him. I’m not sure what it was, but there was something very hot about it. That’s why everybody was watching so intently. It also occurred to me, looking at the two guys, that I was perhaps fulfilling a fetish for Rick.

His head was tilted back in ecstasy and he seemed to be somewhere else. Finally he came back, opened his eyes and spotted me. His hand reached out, his index finger extended and he motioned for me to come over there. I walked over obediently and he grabbed my towel, removed it and brought me down into his mouth.

The next hour or two were intense. I’ve never been with a guy who was that experienced – and not just at sex, but at commanding a room. The three of us were his toys, but not in a degrading way. He made us all feel wonderful and I felt like I was the hired show of the bathhouse. It was satisfying, though, I was able to top, bottom (safely of course), have oral sex, really just let myself go into sexual desire. Exactly what I had wanted.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Many Into One

It was a gangbang, for a lack of a better term. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be that explicit here, but it was hot and I need you all to know what happened.

I went to The Club one night after a really exhausting day at work. I needed to unwind and let loose and let all the stress from the day just leave me. I figured a stint at The Club would help relieve my stress and maybe even get my rocks off. Now, I’ll be honest – not every time I go do I have mind blowing experiences, but I usually meet a guy or two I like and we have some fun. I forgot that there was a big convention in town, Cisco or Microsoft or something.

Anyway, I get into the place, change, grabbed some water and decided to just lie down in a room and relax. I figured if I left the door open somebody would come snooping by and perhaps strike my fancy. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. I was there awhile and nobody really came by. I got bored, started playing with myself and figured I’d go find where everybody went.

It turns out, everybody had gotten an invite to a little shindig on the other side of the place and that’s why I couldn’t find anybody. There were tons of guys standing around – a lot not so attractive, some pretty hot – and there were all sizes of dicks flapping about. Now, not that I’m a super bottom or anything, but I was getting a little tingly back there. I knew I wanted a lot and I knew it would rid myself of anything bad from the day.

I decided to approach the situation with caution – but not too much. I stood around and started talking to some guys who were friendly and we hit it off. I told them I was looking to get fucked by quite a few people and they started grinning. Now I’m not saying a big announcement was then made, but the tops in the room definitely got the memo pretty quickly and I started to get rock hard. One of the guys I had been talking to started to rub my ass and asked if I had a room.

Now, looking back this is kind of funny, but there was literally a procession of men to my room following me. Yes, it was hot. We got back to my place, I positioned myself on the bed, and one after the other pounded me. I was so lost in the ecstasy and the rhythm that it did the trick. I had about 6 different guys all over me and all inside me and it was amazing. Next time you’re stressed, give it a try.