Saturday, November 27, 2010

Top 5 at the Holidays

I just needed to get away from the family after Thanksgiving that I spent about the entire weekend at The Club. I had tons of sex, met some great guys and really just let loose. There was a special going on and I took advantage of as much as I could. Here are the five best things about holiday weekends at a bathhouse:

1. College Guys are home for a break. The place was crawling with younger guys who were all too enthusiastic to get down and dirty. I can’t tell you how many groups of younger guys (mixed with a few older ones) were having a really great time exploring each other. Very hot indeed.

2. Tensions need to be released. Spending time with family and getting ready for the holidays really make people need to get rid of unwanted tensions. Everybody seemed more relaxed and comfortable. More guys were naked and open to gropes and touches. I saw men drop down to their knees often to just about anybody. Very festive – which leads me to...

3. People are very festive. Not only about relieving tensions, but about life. There’s this atmosphere that the holiday season brings that makes guys do things that they probably shouldn’t. Well, actually things that they definitely should but might otherwise have hang-ups. There were some dirty orgies going on, some kinky things and just general revelry. It was an anything goes kind of weekend and there was something for everybody.

4. There are generally cheaper prices. Bathhouses know there are a lot of people in town and itching to get their rocks off, so there are generally some great special deals. Gotta love that!

5. It wouldn’t make sense if I did a list of fun bathhouse things and not include the simple fact that you get to have lots of great sex. No matter what, chances are you are going to be satisfied. And if you’re not, stick around a little longer – I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Without going into tons of details, I definitely had plenty of sex with some great guys – all different kinds. The weekend was festive, fun, helped with tension and anything else negative. Really, all you need is a fun, crazy weekend to put things in perspective. I recommend it!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


His name is Eddie and I can’t stop thinking about him. I first saw his picture on and we arranged to meet at the place for a little fun one night. I was really excited because not only did I get to go fool around with a hot guy, but I got to do it at my favorite bathhouse. I raced out the door to The Club, eager to let myself go a little bit.

When I got there he wasn’t yet there so I settled myself in and made some chit-chat with guys who were just hanging around. Nobody was incredibly good looking, but there were some great guys there and we ended up talking about random shit. Then, Eddie entered the place. Conversation stopped, heads turned and as he smiled at me, my heart jumped. He was gorgeous – visiting from out of town – and just had this incredible energy about him.

He walked over to us, sat himself down with an air of confidence and introduced himself to me. I smiled back, exchanged pleasantries and then the group continued with the conversation. I couldn’t concentrate on what was going on, I just kept staring at our new arrival. It didn’t take long for everybody to see how excited I was (we were just wearing towels, after all), and I decided to take Eddie into a room I had rented.

The passion just came out of me as soon as we got into that room. I couldn’t help ravaging him and I could feel the same back to me. We ripped our towels off of each other and fell onto the bed, then onto the floor, then against the wall and finally back down on the bed. It was intense and I could feel him all over me.

I won’t get into the nitty-gritty details (although I’m sure that’s what you want), but let’s suffice it to say that it was one of the best nights I’ve ever had with a guy. We were there for hours, doing unimaginable things to each other, sometimes letting others watch and sometimes just being with each other. We stay friends on and occasionally send hot photos or messages, but if he’s ever back in my town, I swear I will eat him up like nobody’s business.