Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dark Stranger

I was taken a little off guard by the way the guy looked at me. I don’t usually get flustered around guys, but he was definitely my type and my heart started beating really fast. Instead of staring back and entering the game, I panicked and looked away, walking towards where my friends were waiting. They of course made fun of me a tad for being shy and handed me the drink they ordered me. We were having a fun boys night out, nothing too crazy.

Until he stared at me, or should I say started staring at me. It was not a one-time thing and he just kept looking. I decided that this needed to happen and I drank until my inhibitions were lower. Not drunk, mind you, just a little more social. Finally, he came over, grabbed me and smiled. We talked for a bit, but it was clear that only sex was on our minds. The problem was that I had roommates and he lived far away. He suggested The Club, and I was intrigued.

I had only been to the place once, but I had an OK enough time. I never thought about going with somebody there, I guess I wondered whether or not the other people would be a distraction to the task on hand. They weren’t.

We got there late, and while the place was busy, it was very much the hour when everybody was enjoying themselves…a lot. He got us a room and in no time we were all over each other. The intensity of his stare was definitely easily translated to his movements and the way he touched and kissed me. It was passion for sure.

I didn’t realize when we entered the room, but he had left the door open a tad. I’m not sure if this was on purpose or not, but it didn’t take long for another couple to stop by and watch. They apparently were looking for a room to share, and we didn’t mind. Next things I know, there are four of us in a small room, rolling around, enjoying each other’s bodies, having a great time.

I’m going to make the point that we were very safe, but I will also make the point that letting your inhibitions go is very empowering. Just taking your preconceived notions aside, meet a dark stranger at a bar and then have the night we had – wow. It was incredible and definitely one for the record books.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Opening Up

My boyfriend and I recently decided to open up our relationship and we thought it would be fun to go to The Club together. I don’t want to go on about how monogamy isn’t for me, but it was amazing. I wasn’t sure what would happen and I didn’t know if it would end badly, but that place is just a great time, no matter what the situation.

We went on a Friday night because we thought it would be the best time to go. It was clear we were both nervous. We weren’t strangers to a bathhouse, but I’ve never been to one with a friend, let alone my boyfriend. We walked in, got in our towels and gave each other a nervous smile. The rest of the night basically was just a coast through pleasure.

We started by giving each other massages in the sauna. We thought that whether or not other people were going to be appealing to us, we might as well relax and have fun with each other. We chuckled looking back, though, because massaging somebody in the sauna is a welcome invite to anybody else to come in and join in on the festivities. Before we knew it there were about 8 men in the room, all being very frisky with one another. It was almost as if they needed somebody to break the ice and then they went for it.

After making a few new friends, we decided to do a lap and get a room. We had made a pact beforehand that anything that happened with other people would be very somewhat limited. That doesn’t mean we didn’t want to put on a show though. My boyfriend is a bit of an exhibitionist and I didn’t really care one way or the other.

We got the room, went in to make sure there was room for some guests and then walked around. Saw some hot guys, some not so hot guys, some intriguing people, if you know what I mean. There were a few guys making out with each other, pretty good looking, so I decided this was a good place to start. We approached them and made some chit chat to those who weren’t preoccupied, but it didn’t take long for all of us to be pretty “preoccupied.”

We spent some time with our new friends, making out, being touchy-feely and having a good time. It was a good way to feel them out – so to speak – and see if they were interested in watching a little show. About half of them were and we threw a little impromptu party in the room. Not to say they weren’t somewhat involved in the event, but we were definitely the main attraction.
I have to say, nothing happened that was completely crazy, but it was a great time. It was the perfect entrance into a life of non-monogamy with my partner. We got to experience sex in a whole new way, with each other and yet with others. I highly recommend it.