Saturday, August 28, 2010

Welcome Back

I took a break for a few weeks from The Club. I was seeing this guy and it wasn’t really his thing, so I didn’t go as often as I had wanted. I went back again last night, and I can definitely tell you that it was as if they were throwing me a welcome back party. The place was packed, crawling with different types of men: young, old, stocky, tall, smooth, hariy, slim – you name it, and it was there last night. Maybe it had something to do with the full moon.

I walked in and the lockerroom was a buzz. Guys were pulsating with the sexual energy and everybody just seemed to be having a good time. Once you walked out of there the vibe was somewhat different. It was subdued, quiet, erotic but still pulsating with that sexual energy. It was nights like these I enjoyed, where you just felt like something really fun was about to happen.

I walked around for a little while, checking things out, and I ran into a group of guys who were standing in a circle, laughing, having a good time. They saw me approach and welcomed me into their group. It was a pretty diverse group, some naked, some not completely, and I found myself thinking of a couple little fantasies in my head. The mundane conversation died down shortly and the guy on my left started rubbing my shoulders.

I was expecting everybody to start touching each other and making out, but it was clear at this point that I was going to be the center of this group. The guy to my right started kissing me, another was down in front of me and yet another was behind. I wasn’t quite sure what was going on, but there was no way in hell I was going to argue.

After about ten minutes of pure ecstasy they told me they all chipped in and got a big room. I found myself being led away by the boys and we entered a nice-sized room with a bed. The first guy who touched be told me to get on the bed, and I did. This is when I realized I was being given a great welcome back.

I’m not sure the relation of all the guys, but they pretty much weren’t interested in each other. They were interested in taking turns – or at the same time – enjoying all parts of my body. The others watched, laughed, made commentary, and I laid there, sat up, turned around, just took all of them in one by one and had an incredible time.

It made me think that perhaps I should stay away for a few weeks at a time just to have such warm welcomings. Then I thought about it some more and realized that that wasn’t going to happen.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Everybody's Invited

I had a friend who wasn’t sure if he’d fit in at The Club. I’ve been doing a good job bringing friends into the mix, but he thought his “few extra pounds” would keep him from having a good time. I decided to bring him in and let everybody there decide. He was skeptical, but with a bit of encouragement one night he decided he definitely needed to “scratch an itch” and we hopped in our car bound for the place.

It wasn’t the most festive of nights, probably due to the weather, but when we got in we decided to do a lap and see what guys were around. Not too many, but they were a diverse group of people in terms of bodies and looks, so I knew that at least would help him feel a little more comfortable. We eventually found a nice little nook to sit in and chat, one near the flow of traffic so that if somebody caught our eye, we’d be ready.

Ready we definitely were. After a short while, a guy I had seen before looked over at us, smiled, and his eyes lingered a bit on my friend. I smiled and told him to go for it. It was a pointless thing to tell him because he had bounced up and started following the guy. I could see them across the room out of the corner of my eye. Not much talking was done and then they were very much enjoying each other’s bodies and company.

I wasn’t as intent on meeting a new guy, I just wanted to relax in the sauna or steam room, but before I could make up my mind where to go, I realized a guy was across the room completely naked and definitely enjoying his view. I smiled and did a once over. He was nothing too special to be completely honest, but he had a really sexual energy about him. I found myself stirring a little and decided to just go to the sauna and see if he’d follow me.

Followed me he definitely did. We went into the empty sauna and before I could sit down he was on top of me, showing me his fortes and me slipping into bliss. He was intense and erotic and the sexual energy I felt was overpowering. I felt myself just going with the motion and enjoying every inch of his body, feeling his chest hair all over me and feeling his firm grip take hold of me. It was intense and pretty spectacular.

It wasn’t until we were finished that I looked up and realized we had given a bit of a show. My friend was there grinning with a few other random stragglers. If I had known at the time, I would’ve given a little more of a performance, but I was more than satisfied with myself and the evening, and it was clear my friend was too. We had fun, the place really was something we all were looking for.