Saturday, June 5, 2010


Summer is here and that means a few things, but two that I’m really excited about. The first one is that people are out and about and on the move. The second one is that people are hornier. When you mix these two things together you get some incredible times at The Club. You find yourself meeting new people from all around, they’re eager to have a great time and I have to do everything in my power not to live there.

I will say that I’m especially giddy about this because last night I was having a fun TV night and then decided to head over and check out who was there. It was one of the most vibrant parties I had ever experienced. There were men everywhere having a good time with each other in a variety of different ways.

The energy was so infectious that when I got there I quickly changed and bounced over to the pool. Guys were just hanging out and a few of them were touching and making out and doing all sorts of fun things. It was hard to decide if I should just jump right in or sit and chat for a little while. Then I realized that both were perfectly fine.

This hot guy came up to me and instantly started caressing my body in a gentle, but firm way. As he was doing so he smiled at me and started talking about the weekend at hand, his summer travels and how he just loved the place. I agreed and started returning the favor and the chat. A few other guys overheard our conversation and decided to join in and before I knew it there were just hands everywhere while having a great conversation with new friends.

After a while it was very evident that everybody was ready for the next stage. A few people darted off with one or two and then there was a group of about six of us standing around. Somebody suggested we all hang out in the steam room and I thought that was a good idea. It was dark and wet in there, both things that really appealed to me.

We stepped into a foggy orgy. It was insane and incredible, but I had never seen a group of men enjoying each other so much. I didn’t even know if I wanted to stay or not it seemed so intricate, but the boys and I decided to just jump right in. The talking part was over, but between the darkness, the heat and the wetness in the air, I got my fair share of men last night. It was like breeding season for gay men and I was enjoying every part of it.