Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Great Day

I took a little break from The Club, but I went back and remembered why I had fallen into the groove of the place. It really was a way for me to just relax, be myself and enjoy the great company of men. I was having one of those really great days that you don't understand - just happy for the sake of being happy. I decided to celebrate with some new friends by visiting my favorite bathhouse and seeing what was up.

I got off work early and came in mid-afternoon, figuring I would see what was up before people got off work. It wasn't overly busy, but there were enough people there to provide some eye candy and entertain thoughts of what kind of trouble I could get into. I did a lap and decided to plant myself in the steam room to see who would come in. There were already a couple guys in there eyeing each other up and down and I felt myself feeling festive.

I sat down a little bit away from them and watched them flirt with each other. They were obviously enjoying being watched and were showing off their bodies a little bit. I chuckled a little bit at the almost art of it, we really do behave in orchestrations sometimes. They eventually sealed the deal and ended up going off together. I was happy for them.

Since the steam room was now empty I decided to stroll on over to the shower area and clean myself up. I wasn't aware at how festive this place was going to be! A lot of guys were just standing around and talking with the hot water washing all over them. It was hot but friendly - exactly my cup of tea. I picked an area towards the middle, turned on the shower and entered the conversation. Most of them were really cool guys and the conversation started to get a little risqué which of course we all wanted. Next thing I know the guys are comparing body parts and starting conversations with, "So then this one time this guy...."

After a little while of showering the logical next step was to go back into the steam room with everybody and just kind of lose ourselves in there. Two of the guys paired off to find a room, but the rest of us enjoyed each other's company among the deep steam. I have to admit, it was one of the best times I've had at The Club. It was so casual, friendly and not at all the stuffy, tense environment that sometimes takes shape among naked men. We all just got down and enjoyed each other's bodies and company and left in good spirits. Another great day.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I walked into The Club and I was yearning for something. I couldn’t really tell you what it was, but I felt a little anxious and needing a fix of something. I had a hunch that I wouldn’t be disappointed at The Club. I went in, changed and decided to skip the lounging by the pool / chatting bit. I wanted to see who was about and I started by walking through the gym. It occurred to me that maybe a quick workout might ease my anxiety and I grabbed some water and started to get ready.

I was doing a few reps on the bench press when another guy started doing some squats near me and couldn’t take his eyes off of me. I was dead set on working out as I felt somewhat at ease once I started, but I couldn’t help but stare back. Something about a man doing squats just gets me going. After I made eye contact he smiled and we continued our workout flirting from afar. I moved on from the bench press to some arm exercises and sit ups.

Not to be finished to early, I decided to wait around while my new admirer was working out so I went over and started running on the treadmill. It wasn’t long before he finished up lifting and came over to join me. We started talking so I lowered my pace and found out his name and that he was a local guy who came by once in awhile. There was something about him that was friendly yet firm and I was quite intrigued by him. Not only was he great looking but he had a mystique about him.

We finished our cardio and I still felt like I was missing something. He asked if I wanted to go warm up in the sauna and sweat some more and I obviously joined him. We walked in, the room was empty and I sat down towards the corner. He walked slowly over to me with a very stern gaze and then sat down almost on top of me – so close it felt a bit crushing.

Between his close proximity and the look on his face, it was clear he was in control. Not really sure what was happening, my heart started beating really fast and I could feel something happening down below. He didn’t say anything for awhile, just started exploring with his hands. I wasn’t complaining, but I also wasn’t sure where this was leading and how comfortable I was with it.

Finally he grabbed my head really rough and kissed me. It was intense and it told me he meant business. In that kiss I somehow became loose and almost wobbly. It was a wonderful feeling and put me in a place that exercising could not have done. The anxiety was gone and all of a sudden I wanted to do whatever he wanted to do. It was an interesting, great feeling. The rest of the evening I thoroughly enjoyed his company and it opened my eyes…a lot.