Thursday, January 28, 2010

Party Time - Part Two

So we walked over to them and introduced ourselves. They glanced at each other, smiled, and returned the formalities. They were visiting from out of town, on a road trip and passing through. They were a little worked up being stuck in the car for so long that they decided to come hang at The Club. Pretty typical story and we all sat around shooting the shit, talking about nothing in particular.

Things got interesting when the new boys said that they wanted a tour of the place. We all pretty much knew what that meant and we decided to check out some of the places including the sauna and steamroom. The place wasn’t particularly busy this day so it felt as if we were running the joint. Between the sense of ownership of the place and our new friends’ jovial attitude, we felt unstoppable. Unstoppable was definitely a word to describe the rest of the afternoon.

We started out as a group enjoying each other’s company and bodies in the sauna. I always seem to have the best time in the sauna – something about that dry heat just drives me wild. We spent a bit of time in there, exploring each other somewhat modestly, enjoying the time spent.

After a little while we took a break and decided to check out some other areas of The Club. The two guys had rented rooms, not just lockers, so we went in to see what they were like. The one room was pretty standard with a bed and a TV, clean, but the second room was very interesting. We walked in to see a sling hanging from the ceiling and one of our new friends had a wide grin on his face. I was intrigued and a little wary.

“Anybody wanna get in?” He asked. I have to admit I really wanted to, but wasn’t sure if I would like it and didn’t want to be the one to chicken out. The gorgeous guy from the story decided to hop in. It didn’t take long after that for me to realize that I did indeed want to try out the sling. I ended up swapping out and the two jovial guys enjoyed having both of us in there. I have to admit it, with these two guys being so fun and free, I would’ve tried anything. They just really relaxed people.

We ended up spending a few hours together, having a great time. I started the afternoon off so stressed, and then between the story I heard and the great time I had I felt amazing. That’s the great thing about a place like this, I always know I’ll meet some interesting people and really unwind.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Party Time - Part One

I have to share with you all a story I was told the other day. I took a little bit of a hiatus from The Club due to work and the holidays, but I met the most interesting guy there the other day. It was a slower day than normal and I was lounging around just kind of relaxing after a particularly hard day at work. I didn’t see this gorgeous guy come up to me, but the next thing I knew somebody was introducing himself to me. I welcomed the company and smiled at the sight of him.

We started talking about mundane things people talk about upon first meeting. Work, movies, pop culture, travel. The last topic was particularly interesting as he started talking about another city he was in and The Club there he visited. The venue he described sounded much like the one we were in, but the real difference was the night he ended up going. It turned out that a dozen guys were celebrating their friend’s bachelor party by checking the place out. What better way to celebrate the beginning of monogamy than a trip to The Club?

“So this crowd of guys was amazing,” he was telling me. “They basically came in with a real zest for life and took command of the entire place. The charisma and enthusiasm they brought was spectacular. They came in, stripped down and didn’t even really use towels. They were joking with each other, parading around and making it clear that the guy who was about to marry his partner needed some attention.” He laughed at a thought this sentence provoked.

“They basically set up shop around the showers and sauna and broke off into groups. A few would go here and a couple others over there. Again, their excitement was infections and before we knew it the entire place was buzzing with their energy. Guys were hanging out in the steam room, sauna and pool like always but it was much more communal and friendly. If anybody had had a hang-up before about being in a bathhouse, they were instantly put at ease by these guys.” They sounded great.

“We all had a great time with them and the soon-to-not-be a bachelor definitely got his money’s worth of festivities. He was by far the center of attention and I almost felt bad for the guy at one point seeing as pretty much nobody would leave him alone. Then I saw a couple of things that made me realize there was no reason to feel bad for him.” He laughed again. “At one point in the evening there seemed to be a line to get into the sauna. They had all congregated there, brought in a few token guys with them and most people were itching to be part of the action.”

I couldn’t help but yearn for more details, but as his last sentence trailed off we heard some laughter behind us. We turned around to see two guys, obviously friends, teasing each other by slapping towels. They were both obviously having a good time and as my new friend turned to smile at me, we both realized we need to make new friends…