Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Recap of 2010

I’m curious to find out what some other people’s experience at The Clubs has been. I’ve been an avid member for some time and have experienced almost each one in the country. As we end 2010 it would be a great way to reflect on some of the great times we’ve all had at the bathhouses this year. I had some of my friends give me their input which I’ll put in the post. If you want to contribute, add a comment.

“I really enjoyed The Club New Orleans when I was in town for Southern Decadence. I was excited for the parties and meeting new people, but once I walked into The Club I realized why this city is truly the party capital. Beautiful men, average men, some not so good looking men – there was just men everywhere. They were all enjoying themselves and everybody was so friendly. I can’t wait to go back next Labor Day.” -John

“I’ve been to Club Fort Lauderdale and Club Dallas a few times each this year. Both cities have some great gay communities and it’s definitely reflected in these bathhouses. Always full of great guys who are willing to have fun or just hang out, I never leave unsatisfied.” –Michael

“People think of Orlando as a purely family destination, but there’s some dirty adult fun to be had here. I go here for work a lot and every time I hit up this town I make sure to check out who’s at The Club. Lots of gay guys in town cause of the tourism industry and man do they know how to have a good time with their clothes off.” –Rob

“I have family all over the Midwest and find myself often in St. Louis, Columbus, Cleveland, Indianapolis and Fort Wayne a lot. The best remedy to some family time around the holidays is to check out The Club. Hot sex definitely releases the stress. When are you guys coming to Cleveland and Fort Wayne??” –Chuck

“I live in Houston and The Club there is a really great place to be with chill guys after a long day at work. Definitely great to get my rocks off with a variety of different guys.” -Bill

Friday, December 10, 2010

Young & Confident

I love when it gets cold out because it gives me more excuses to go to The Club. I went there the other night and met this guy. It’s exactly the kind of story you’d expect on a blog like this, but then again, it was a very new experience.

It was later than the normal crowd would have enjoyed so the areas inside The Club were pretty sparse. I decided that there was probably somebody there that could satisfy me. I walked around a bit and decided to just go sit and relax in the sauna. It seemed hotter than normal, but I decided to just sweat it out and lay down. A few guys came in and chatted and started going at it. They weren’t of much interest to me, so I just kept hanging out and relaxing. It was pleasant and I had pretty much written off any type of amazing man in the area. I was even considering jerking off, but thought I’d do another lap to see what was up.

When I got to the steam room there was also not that much going on, but the change from dry to wet was kind of exciting so I again sat down. It was hard to see in the steam, but then I realized that across the room there actually was an interesting guy in there. He was a lot younger than me, but had an aura of confidence you don’t normally see in guys his age. I decided to go for it.

I walked across the room and sat next to him. I looked him right in the eye and he turned and met my gaze. There was an electric shock and his hand found its way underneath my towel. The response was immediate and I grabbed him and kissed him. I’m not going to say something clichéd like there were fireworks, but it was a really good fucking kiss.

It felt like we had the whole place to ourselves and we lost ourselves in each other. Right there in the steam room we explored every inch of each other’s bodies – inside and out. There was no inch of our bodies that we hadn’t explored on each other and we figured it was time to move to the next level. I took him outside and into a smaller, private room. I took this younger guy and I showed him what it meant to really live. At least, that was the plan – but he needed no lesson.

We had a great time and I think I’m going to keep in touch with him. He was one of those rare people that can make you feel sexually insecure and in control at the same time. Incredible.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Top 5 at the Holidays

I just needed to get away from the family after Thanksgiving that I spent about the entire weekend at The Club. I had tons of sex, met some great guys and really just let loose. There was a special going on and I took advantage of as much as I could. Here are the five best things about holiday weekends at a bathhouse:

1. College Guys are home for a break. The place was crawling with younger guys who were all too enthusiastic to get down and dirty. I can’t tell you how many groups of younger guys (mixed with a few older ones) were having a really great time exploring each other. Very hot indeed.

2. Tensions need to be released. Spending time with family and getting ready for the holidays really make people need to get rid of unwanted tensions. Everybody seemed more relaxed and comfortable. More guys were naked and open to gropes and touches. I saw men drop down to their knees often to just about anybody. Very festive – which leads me to...

3. People are very festive. Not only about relieving tensions, but about life. There’s this atmosphere that the holiday season brings that makes guys do things that they probably shouldn’t. Well, actually things that they definitely should but might otherwise have hang-ups. There were some dirty orgies going on, some kinky things and just general revelry. It was an anything goes kind of weekend and there was something for everybody.

4. There are generally cheaper prices. Bathhouses know there are a lot of people in town and itching to get their rocks off, so there are generally some great special deals. Gotta love that!

5. It wouldn’t make sense if I did a list of fun bathhouse things and not include the simple fact that you get to have lots of great sex. No matter what, chances are you are going to be satisfied. And if you’re not, stick around a little longer – I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Without going into tons of details, I definitely had plenty of sex with some great guys – all different kinds. The weekend was festive, fun, helped with tension and anything else negative. Really, all you need is a fun, crazy weekend to put things in perspective. I recommend it!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


His name is Eddie and I can’t stop thinking about him. I first saw his picture on theclubs.com and we arranged to meet at the place for a little fun one night. I was really excited because not only did I get to go fool around with a hot guy, but I got to do it at my favorite bathhouse. I raced out the door to The Club, eager to let myself go a little bit.

When I got there he wasn’t yet there so I settled myself in and made some chit-chat with guys who were just hanging around. Nobody was incredibly good looking, but there were some great guys there and we ended up talking about random shit. Then, Eddie entered the place. Conversation stopped, heads turned and as he smiled at me, my heart jumped. He was gorgeous – visiting from out of town – and just had this incredible energy about him.

He walked over to us, sat himself down with an air of confidence and introduced himself to me. I smiled back, exchanged pleasantries and then the group continued with the conversation. I couldn’t concentrate on what was going on, I just kept staring at our new arrival. It didn’t take long for everybody to see how excited I was (we were just wearing towels, after all), and I decided to take Eddie into a room I had rented.

The passion just came out of me as soon as we got into that room. I couldn’t help ravaging him and I could feel the same back to me. We ripped our towels off of each other and fell onto the bed, then onto the floor, then against the wall and finally back down on the bed. It was intense and I could feel him all over me.

I won’t get into the nitty-gritty details (although I’m sure that’s what you want), but let’s suffice it to say that it was one of the best nights I’ve ever had with a guy. We were there for hours, doing unimaginable things to each other, sometimes letting others watch and sometimes just being with each other. We stay friends on theclubs.com and occasionally send hot photos or messages, but if he’s ever back in my town, I swear I will eat him up like nobody’s business.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

I have to tell you about last night. It was incredible – one of the best Halloween parties I have ever been to. A friend of mine decided to have a fun, gay costume party and invited almost every gay guy within a fifty mile radius. Everybody was there from vampires, werewolves and zombies to doctors, firefighters and construction workers. The booze was flowing and the night was an extremely festive one. I’ve always enjoyed Halloween, but I never had one quite like this.

Towards the middle of the night it was clear that everybody was getting a tad frisky. Clothes were coming off and limbs were becoming entwined. I really wanted a hot scene, but couldn’t just leave and head over to The Club like I wanted to. It would be rude to abandon my friends. After another drink or two I decided to circulate to the gyrating, drunk boys that we should move the party over to a place where we could really let loose. Most people were completely on board with this idea.

We piled about twenty guys into various cabs and head to our adult gay paradise. We were incredibly festive and we busted through the door and into the locker room with a sexual enthusiasm that I haven’t really seen before. Half of us were still in costume and the other half were in various stages of undress. Once we all decided to goof off and get into our towels, tension was running high.

The place as actually full of tons of guys. Apparently we weren’t the only party to relocate to this area. Guys were everywhere and it was such a scene of debauchery that I didn’t even know where to look or begin. So I decided to just dive right in. I found a group of guys in the sauna that were laughing and having a great time. They seemed friendly – and hot – so I introduced myself, dropped my towel and put myself in the middle of a man sandwich.

The rest of the guys seemed to be doing similar things. I decided to take a break from my orgy and walk around a bit and there were definitely some sights to be seen. Guys were tangled in the steam room, there was a very festive naked party by the pool and the gym area was covered in so many bodies that you couldn’t even see the equipment. I didn’t dare walk by the rooms – I could only imagine what was going on over there.

Right when I thought it was all over and I was satisfied, another wave of guys came in from what seemed to be a later party. A lot had left by this point in the night, but the stamina of the guys – even if just to watch – was still going strong and we ended up staying at The Club until 5 in the morning. It was a late night Halloween that soon won’t be forgotten.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Common Interests

I really love The Club. It’s a place I can go and let loose, in more ways than one. I try to make it a habit of going every so often because it’s almost like therapy – it relieves stress and endorphins and is fucking amazing. I tend to go during the week because I am hanging with friends on the weekend and I like the fact that there is a regular group of guys on a Tuesday or Wednesday night. There’s a sense of camaraderie that I must say I enjoy.

This past Tuesday, one of my buddies – let’s call him Ted – was around and we often like to an aggressive, dominant guy to have his way with us. I was feeling rather frisky that night, so we decided to let ourselves go. The place wasn’t overly busy and there weren’t an abundance of guys who fit our type, so we decided to lie out in the common area and just shoot the shit. We dropped our towels and enjoyed the parade of men walking by watching us. A couple stopped to join us and we ended up getting a good group together.

Two of the guys who joined us were also buddies and through some discussion it seemed as if they were regulars at another bathhouse and were checking this one out instead. They were thoroughly impressed and said they planned on coming to The Club more often. Then they started telling stories about some of the things that happened in their previous place. Apparently it was more raunchy (and dirty) and attracted some intense folks. They were looking for something where they could feel comfortable and clean. They found their place.

I had to admit I was wondering why they would go to a place that was so dirty, and then it dawned on me that they might be a little kinky in the grand scheme of things. I started detailing to the group what Ted and I were looking for and it was clear their interests peaked. They said they were interested in similar things and maybe we could help each other out.

Instead of the normal parameters of going to a room and enjoying each other’s company, we decided it would be rude to abandon the group. The four of us started making out, much to the delight of the onlookers. We were all naked, rubbing each other and slowly but surely we started servicing each other. It was a very communal event; we were all both more dominant and submissive. We changed roles and really examined the full spectrum. It was hot, between the diversity and exhibitionism, it was probably the most enhancing sexual experience yet. It was great.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dark Stranger

I was taken a little off guard by the way the guy looked at me. I don’t usually get flustered around guys, but he was definitely my type and my heart started beating really fast. Instead of staring back and entering the game, I panicked and looked away, walking towards where my friends were waiting. They of course made fun of me a tad for being shy and handed me the drink they ordered me. We were having a fun boys night out, nothing too crazy.

Until he stared at me, or should I say started staring at me. It was not a one-time thing and he just kept looking. I decided that this needed to happen and I drank until my inhibitions were lower. Not drunk, mind you, just a little more social. Finally, he came over, grabbed me and smiled. We talked for a bit, but it was clear that only sex was on our minds. The problem was that I had roommates and he lived far away. He suggested The Club, and I was intrigued.

I had only been to the place once, but I had an OK enough time. I never thought about going with somebody there, I guess I wondered whether or not the other people would be a distraction to the task on hand. They weren’t.

We got there late, and while the place was busy, it was very much the hour when everybody was enjoying themselves…a lot. He got us a room and in no time we were all over each other. The intensity of his stare was definitely easily translated to his movements and the way he touched and kissed me. It was passion for sure.

I didn’t realize when we entered the room, but he had left the door open a tad. I’m not sure if this was on purpose or not, but it didn’t take long for another couple to stop by and watch. They apparently were looking for a room to share, and we didn’t mind. Next things I know, there are four of us in a small room, rolling around, enjoying each other’s bodies, having a great time.

I’m going to make the point that we were very safe, but I will also make the point that letting your inhibitions go is very empowering. Just taking your preconceived notions aside, meet a dark stranger at a bar and then have the night we had – wow. It was incredible and definitely one for the record books.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Opening Up

My boyfriend and I recently decided to open up our relationship and we thought it would be fun to go to The Club together. I don’t want to go on about how monogamy isn’t for me, but it was amazing. I wasn’t sure what would happen and I didn’t know if it would end badly, but that place is just a great time, no matter what the situation.

We went on a Friday night because we thought it would be the best time to go. It was clear we were both nervous. We weren’t strangers to a bathhouse, but I’ve never been to one with a friend, let alone my boyfriend. We walked in, got in our towels and gave each other a nervous smile. The rest of the night basically was just a coast through pleasure.

We started by giving each other massages in the sauna. We thought that whether or not other people were going to be appealing to us, we might as well relax and have fun with each other. We chuckled looking back, though, because massaging somebody in the sauna is a welcome invite to anybody else to come in and join in on the festivities. Before we knew it there were about 8 men in the room, all being very frisky with one another. It was almost as if they needed somebody to break the ice and then they went for it.

After making a few new friends, we decided to do a lap and get a room. We had made a pact beforehand that anything that happened with other people would be very somewhat limited. That doesn’t mean we didn’t want to put on a show though. My boyfriend is a bit of an exhibitionist and I didn’t really care one way or the other.

We got the room, went in to make sure there was room for some guests and then walked around. Saw some hot guys, some not so hot guys, some intriguing people, if you know what I mean. There were a few guys making out with each other, pretty good looking, so I decided this was a good place to start. We approached them and made some chit chat to those who weren’t preoccupied, but it didn’t take long for all of us to be pretty “preoccupied.”

We spent some time with our new friends, making out, being touchy-feely and having a good time. It was a good way to feel them out – so to speak – and see if they were interested in watching a little show. About half of them were and we threw a little impromptu party in the room. Not to say they weren’t somewhat involved in the event, but we were definitely the main attraction.
I have to say, nothing happened that was completely crazy, but it was a great time. It was the perfect entrance into a life of non-monogamy with my partner. We got to experience sex in a whole new way, with each other and yet with others. I highly recommend it.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Welcome Back

I took a break for a few weeks from The Club. I was seeing this guy and it wasn’t really his thing, so I didn’t go as often as I had wanted. I went back again last night, and I can definitely tell you that it was as if they were throwing me a welcome back party. The place was packed, crawling with different types of men: young, old, stocky, tall, smooth, hariy, slim – you name it, and it was there last night. Maybe it had something to do with the full moon.

I walked in and the lockerroom was a buzz. Guys were pulsating with the sexual energy and everybody just seemed to be having a good time. Once you walked out of there the vibe was somewhat different. It was subdued, quiet, erotic but still pulsating with that sexual energy. It was nights like these I enjoyed, where you just felt like something really fun was about to happen.

I walked around for a little while, checking things out, and I ran into a group of guys who were standing in a circle, laughing, having a good time. They saw me approach and welcomed me into their group. It was a pretty diverse group, some naked, some not completely, and I found myself thinking of a couple little fantasies in my head. The mundane conversation died down shortly and the guy on my left started rubbing my shoulders.

I was expecting everybody to start touching each other and making out, but it was clear at this point that I was going to be the center of this group. The guy to my right started kissing me, another was down in front of me and yet another was behind. I wasn’t quite sure what was going on, but there was no way in hell I was going to argue.

After about ten minutes of pure ecstasy they told me they all chipped in and got a big room. I found myself being led away by the boys and we entered a nice-sized room with a bed. The first guy who touched be told me to get on the bed, and I did. This is when I realized I was being given a great welcome back.

I’m not sure the relation of all the guys, but they pretty much weren’t interested in each other. They were interested in taking turns – or at the same time – enjoying all parts of my body. The others watched, laughed, made commentary, and I laid there, sat up, turned around, just took all of them in one by one and had an incredible time.

It made me think that perhaps I should stay away for a few weeks at a time just to have such warm welcomings. Then I thought about it some more and realized that that wasn’t going to happen.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Everybody's Invited

I had a friend who wasn’t sure if he’d fit in at The Club. I’ve been doing a good job bringing friends into the mix, but he thought his “few extra pounds” would keep him from having a good time. I decided to bring him in and let everybody there decide. He was skeptical, but with a bit of encouragement one night he decided he definitely needed to “scratch an itch” and we hopped in our car bound for the place.

It wasn’t the most festive of nights, probably due to the weather, but when we got in we decided to do a lap and see what guys were around. Not too many, but they were a diverse group of people in terms of bodies and looks, so I knew that at least would help him feel a little more comfortable. We eventually found a nice little nook to sit in and chat, one near the flow of traffic so that if somebody caught our eye, we’d be ready.

Ready we definitely were. After a short while, a guy I had seen before looked over at us, smiled, and his eyes lingered a bit on my friend. I smiled and told him to go for it. It was a pointless thing to tell him because he had bounced up and started following the guy. I could see them across the room out of the corner of my eye. Not much talking was done and then they were very much enjoying each other’s bodies and company.

I wasn’t as intent on meeting a new guy, I just wanted to relax in the sauna or steam room, but before I could make up my mind where to go, I realized a guy was across the room completely naked and definitely enjoying his view. I smiled and did a once over. He was nothing too special to be completely honest, but he had a really sexual energy about him. I found myself stirring a little and decided to just go to the sauna and see if he’d follow me.

Followed me he definitely did. We went into the empty sauna and before I could sit down he was on top of me, showing me his fortes and me slipping into bliss. He was intense and erotic and the sexual energy I felt was overpowering. I felt myself just going with the motion and enjoying every inch of his body, feeling his chest hair all over me and feeling his firm grip take hold of me. It was intense and pretty spectacular.

It wasn’t until we were finished that I looked up and realized we had given a bit of a show. My friend was there grinning with a few other random stragglers. If I had known at the time, I would’ve given a little more of a performance, but I was more than satisfied with myself and the evening, and it was clear my friend was too. We had fun, the place really was something we all were looking for.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Another Convert

I decided to take my friend to The Club. He had never been before and was incredibly skeptical about it. I have to admit, I didn’t blame him, I was very judgmental on the whole idea before I became an addict. (Just kidding) I knew once he went a few times, it would be great and he’d be a lover like me. The only problem was I also knew he’d be somewhat clingy the first time and I wasn’t quite comfortable with that. Still, I figured we’d manage.

We went on a Friday late night hoping there would be a good after-the-bars crowd there. We were in luck, there was a great crowd a diverse group of guys. I told him we’d take it easy and we just lounged around some of the common areas. I figured if we had some social time it would make him more comfortable.

As soon as we sat down a couple guys decided to put on a show right next to us. I started to panic a little bit, thinking my friend would be freaked out, but he seemed to be enjoying it. It’s one of those things that feels better once you’re in it. The two guys next to us were incredibly hot. One was older, scruffy, muscular and the other one was younger and not as toned. They obviously knew how to excite each other and it wasn’t long until a crowd was watching. It was sexy, but not pretentious or anything, and I could see that my friend was having a good time.

A couple guys I had seen there before came over and started chatting us up and they were really great. We had some great conversations and I knew at this point that my friend was definitely feeling the vibe and enjoying one of my Club acquaintances. We were just shooting the shit until one of them started massaging my friend and asked if he wanted to go check out the room he rented. I gave a look of protection, but I got an OK signal from my friend and I let them go off and have fun. My attention went back to the show that was going on.

It still wasn’t finished. These guys were animals and the crowd was thoroughly enjoying it. Some started pairing off or putting on side shows, but the vibe was incredible. Everywhere you looked you could see guys either really enjoying themselves or enjoying what other people were doing. I spent a good portion of the night just running around and making friends and enjoying the shows that were everywhere. Not necessarily the busiest night I’ve had there, but my friend had a great time with that guy and I had a great time just soaking up the vibe and talking to some great guys. All in all, another great night and a new satisfied customer.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Off Peak

It was four o’clock in the morning on a Monday night / Tuesday morning. I really wanted to meet some guys, but wasn’t sure if it was going to be worth going to The Club. I decided to just go, figuring that at least somebody would be there. There definitely was somebody there – some bodies I should say.

I walked in and as expected, the crowd was a little sparse.  a couple guys were milling about, but nobody I really wanted to hang out with. I decided it would be nice to go lounge in the steam room to take a load off my night. I had been working late and then went out for a few drinks and really just wanted to relax with a new friend. New friends are often found in steam rooms.

I sat down, leaned back and closed my eyes. I found myself in a bit of a euphoric state, just feeling the heat of the steam on my body, letting the toxins just pour out of me. I heard the door open and shut a couple times, but I wasn’t in any mood to leave my newfound state of enlightenment and I started to enjoy myself all alone in the heat. Well, apparently if you want the boys to come running all you have to do is start touching yourself. The next thing I knew, the steam room had quite a little party going on.

I first realized that there were people around by sensing them. I figured it was time to join the crowd and open my eyes and that’s when I realized a good six guys – all different types – were standing around watching me play with myself. It was clear that I was enjoying the exhibitionism so I thought, “What the hell?” and really let loose. I found myself putting on a show that I didn’t even know I was capable of, and the guys in the room were eating it up (figuratively at this point).

I decided to show everybody how limber I could really be and got into a couple of my favorite jack off positions. The crowd was impressed and I couldn’t take it anymore. I dove right in and I must say, being the center of attention at The Club is fucking amazing. The crowd was really getting into it and there were limbs crashing together as the wet heat all around us permeated our pores. It was one of those experiences where you just give it all up and let your body flow with everybody else. It was great, and a wonderful surprise early on a Tuesday morning!

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Summer is here and that means a few things, but two that I’m really excited about. The first one is that people are out and about and on the move. The second one is that people are hornier. When you mix these two things together you get some incredible times at The Club. You find yourself meeting new people from all around, they’re eager to have a great time and I have to do everything in my power not to live there.

I will say that I’m especially giddy about this because last night I was having a fun TV night and then decided to head over and check out who was there. It was one of the most vibrant parties I had ever experienced. There were men everywhere having a good time with each other in a variety of different ways.

The energy was so infectious that when I got there I quickly changed and bounced over to the pool. Guys were just hanging out and a few of them were touching and making out and doing all sorts of fun things. It was hard to decide if I should just jump right in or sit and chat for a little while. Then I realized that both were perfectly fine.

This hot guy came up to me and instantly started caressing my body in a gentle, but firm way. As he was doing so he smiled at me and started talking about the weekend at hand, his summer travels and how he just loved the place. I agreed and started returning the favor and the chat. A few other guys overheard our conversation and decided to join in and before I knew it there were just hands everywhere while having a great conversation with new friends.

After a while it was very evident that everybody was ready for the next stage. A few people darted off with one or two and then there was a group of about six of us standing around. Somebody suggested we all hang out in the steam room and I thought that was a good idea. It was dark and wet in there, both things that really appealed to me.

We stepped into a foggy orgy. It was insane and incredible, but I had never seen a group of men enjoying each other so much. I didn’t even know if I wanted to stay or not it seemed so intricate, but the boys and I decided to just jump right in. The talking part was over, but between the darkness, the heat and the wetness in the air, I got my fair share of men last night. It was like breeding season for gay men and I was enjoying every part of it.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


He was French and he liked to be dominated. That’s what he told me when he sent me a message on the website of The Clubs. I wasn’t really sure what that entailed, but he was hot so I sent him a message back that we should meet up at The Club that evening. He agreed and we planned on a meeting time and place.

When I saw him, I knew it was him in an instant. He was smaller in frame, but did not look weak. It was clear that any sort of submission he liked to do was acting. Nothing about him seemed to say weak or meek. We exchanged hellos and he instantly brought me into a room he had reserved that came equipped with some fetish paraphernalia and a sling.

I was starting to get nervous because I hadn’t really done anything like this before and didn’t want him laughing at me or thinking I was being lame. Still, I figured it was easier being more dominant because you could just yell at him and tell him to stop laughing, right?

We made some small talk in the room, which was good. He was French but living in the US, worked as a data analyst and really liked science fiction movies. I had no idea if any of it was true, but it painted a good picture. I felt more comfortable around him which was key.

The next thing I knew he was handing me rubber straps to bind him and telling me to begin. At this point, I almost laughed because it seemed like an odd thing to do. Still, I went along with it and decided that I needed to experience different things, including this. I took the straps and tied his hands together and his legs so he appeared virtually helpless on the bed. I really had no idea what to do next, but I figured there weren’t any set rules since I was technically the one in charge.

I used some of his toys to slap him around a bit (nothing crazy) and tried to be verbal about it, but that was much more difficult. He seemed to be enjoying our play so I kept getting into it more and more as we were going along. I have to admit, I didn’t think it would be something I could enjoy, but I was really having fun. It was like an intricate game and sex all tied together (no pun intended).

When we finally got the sling I was so in the groove with it that it didn’t take long until we both had reached the finish line with big smiles on our faces. It was kind of cool, trying something new like this and connecting with somebody in a way I never felt before.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Exhibitionist Man

The first time he saw me was in March, I think. About two months ago, I was standing in the shower and when I looked over he was staring at me and massaging himself. I smiled politely, but since I had just finished I was cleaning up and heading out. He didn’t seem to care that I didn’t come over and talk to him, he just kept enjoying himself and watching me.

Last week, I saw him again, so it dawned on me that he must be a local. He was working out at the gym, the sweat was dripping down his body on all sides and it was my turn to stand there watching him. He saw me and smiled, kept working out but didn’t say anything to me. It was just as well, because I happened to meet a couple from New York who I had a great time with.
So last night I was sitting in the sauna and of course he walks in and sits down across from me.

We smiled at each other and maintained some severe eye contact. It was almost as if we had this intense stare sessions and that’s what was getting us off. Not the fact that another man was in our midst and the electricity of desire was radiating from each of us.

At that moment, two guys came in and it was clear they were bathhouse exhibitionists. They just needed to enjoy each other in the center of a group, where anybody could come and watch. I have to admit, they put on a damn good show. It wasn’t long until I was enthralled with their action and seemingly forgot about the guy who I stared down.

They finished after a good amount of time and then bounced back out of the room. I looked up and he was giving me a really wicked smile. After that show, I was done staring so I stood up and went to sit next to him, but he stood up to and motioned for me to follow him. I suddenly became intrigued and did so, following him past the shower and the gym to a corner in the main area. It appeared all of a sudden that he was a bathhouse exhibitionist too. He turned around, leaned his back up against the wall and devoured my mouth into his. It was suddenly raw and passionate and I couldn’t help but lose myself in his mouth much like I lost myself in his gaze.

He firmly pushed me down on my knees and I enjoyed every inch of him as I could hear people behind me. I could tell he was getting off on the people watching as well as what I was doing, and it actually turned me on a lot, too. He finished in no time but kept me firmly to the ground for a while, most likely basking in the attention. After a few minutes, he got me up smiled and walked away.

Friday, April 23, 2010


I walked in and my breath was taken away. This man was standing before me, and the only word I could use to describe him was powerful. He seemed to tower over everybody else with his manly physique and I couldn’t help but stare at him. I longed for him in ways I never felt before. I wanted to talk to him, to learn everything I could about what made him have this hold over me.

I was at The Club on a sunny afternoon and there were a lot of guys just hanging out. It seemed to be one of the most casual events I’ve seen and I wouldn’t have known I was in a bathhouse if it wasn’t the fact that everybody was in a towel.

I walked over to the common area and there he was, smiling, lightly touching his hairy, masculine chest and I felt myself swoon. Luckily one of the guys in the group I had known from previous visits and he was a sort of friend of mine. I decided I needed to join this group and walked over to say hi to my friend. It wasn’t hard for me to enter the conversation, they were talking about a popular TV show that was on the night before. I tried to contribute, but I couldn’t stop staring at him. He was just so powerful.

The afternoon was a pretty lazy one, lounging and talking while some guys went in and out of the group to the sauna, to some rooms, etc. I couldn’t leave his side and the more transient the group was, the more I got to talk to him. He was a local, but rarely came to The Club. I felt myself blushing and smiling at everything he said, but he didn’t seem to notice.

After a while the conversation waned and he asked if anybody wanted to go explore the place with him. The others were comfortable so I found myself walking next to him, all around and feeling his body’s energy close to mine. We ducked into the sauna to see that almost nobody was inside. We sat down and it wasn’t long until I felt his incredibly strong arms around me. It was sensual at first but the more touching occurred, the more firm and rough it got. I found myself in ecstasy and when he suggested we go to the room he rented, I almost couldn’t contain myself.

We went to the small room he had rented, and the firm, yet gentle nature of his being made me melt. I was putty in his hands and he used this to his advantage, guiding me through one of the greatest experiences I had there. It was incredible and I felt weak, yet strong at the same time. The hottest part was the fact that he left the door slightly open so we were performing for others from time to time. I do not use the word perform lightly either, it really was theatrical.

Afterwards we bid adieu and smiled slightly as we both said we hoped we’d run into each other again.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Club Tips

I think instead of telling a story this time I need to give you all some pointers about going to The Club. I was there the other day and realized that a new guy was really lost and confused. I remembered that it was a really short time ago that I felt the same way. It’s funny because I feel so comfortable there now that I almost forget what it was like. So here’s a guide for newbies.

The first thing to know is that the place is whatever you make it. If it you want it to be a fun place to chill with some guys and shoot the shit, it can be. Go find some guys who are relaxing, laughing, talking and make some conversation. The social aspect of The Club is not intimidating and can be a lot of fun. Think of it as a social meeting place.

Oh the other side, if you’re looking to get into something pretty scandalous, that can be arranged as well. Take a walk around, see who’s cruising and what some of the guys are up to. There are areas of The Club you can lose yourself in, and it can be really exciting and fun.

There’s an etiquette to the bath house that a lot of people might not realize when they first come. The overall theme is respect while having fun. Nobody is forced to do anything they don’t want to and you shouldn’t feel pressured to. Being honest and direct are two very important things. On the flip side, do not pressure anybody who may not be interested. It’s a place of mutual respect.

This tip is an obvious one, but be safe! If you’re going to explore different fun scenarios with strangers, you obviously need to protect yourself and education yourself about all the STDs out there. The attitude “oh, it’s just gonorrhea” won’t be what you’re thinking when it burns to go to the bathroom.

Be casual and have fun. That’s the best advice about these places. It’s really not as scary as you might think it is, and if you go in with an open mind and a casual atmosphere, you’re going to enjoy yourself. If you instead decide on being obnoxious, loud and ignoring all the rules, I guarantee the rest of the people there will make sure you’re kicked out or alienated. Just like any bar or social place you can go to, be smart and respectful and you can meet some really great people and have a great time.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Online to The Club

A lot of people talk about online meetings, but it’s just not really my thing. I prefer to go to The Club where you can really connect with people, see who’s around and enjoy my time there. I have to admit though, the Internet makes it incredibly easy to talk to people and virtually meet. I was really excited when I saw the changes made to The Clubs website and realized that I could do both – virtually talk to people on there and then meet up with them at The Club.

The other day I was on the website browsing through pictures in my local area and I found this guy that was exactly my type. We started chatting on the website, sending each other messages, and the next thing I knew we were both pretty worked up and decided to go check out the scene at The Club. It was really exciting already knowing that a guy I liked was going to be there in addition to whatever other shenanigans were going on.

When I got to the place I changed and went to the area he said he’d be in. There he was, sitting there, looking relaxed. When I walked over to him he looked at me and a big grin spread across his face. It was hot sensing the chemistry before either of us even opened our mouths. It didn’t take long though until we did open our mouths and enjoy each other’s bodies and company. Nothing too crazy happened, but we had a lot of fun and a lot of other guys there seemed to join in the revelry.

That’s one thing I hadn’t realized about The Club that I love. The attitude of the place is infectious. All you need is a good group of guys who are looking to really have fun and it’s a blast. It took me awhile, but now I feel so relaxed at the place, it’s just a great time full of fun and great people. And now I can extend that atmosphere to chatting with guys who agree with me online.

I’ve been sending messages to another guy on the site that is pretty cool. We have a scheduled rendez-vous this weekend, so I’ll let you know how that goes.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy Holiday

The thing about bathhouses is that – excuse the cliché – they’re much like Forrest Gump’s chocolates, they really are random. Sometimes you’ll go and they’re not entirely packed, but you’ll generally still find somebody there you click with. Other times, you go and it’s a zoo – in every sense of the word – and it’s a great time. Nevertheless, I enjoy going to The Club often because of the experiences.

I’m going to tell you about a great experience I had recently. I went to The Club one morning on a holiday when I was feeling particularly frisky. Being that it was morning and I know how some men do enjoy their parties, I wasn’t sure if people would be there and if it would be just the PBS-watching morning crowd. Let me tell you, it was a zoo – line to get in and all.

Feeling the energy of the people there, I quickly changed into my towel and have a look around. It didn’t take me long to find a group of guys standing around watching two guys go at it. When I say “go at it” a picture pops into your mind, but unfortunately there are no words to describe this scene. It was like something you hear about but never actually witness. This is where the term zoo comes in.

One of the guys must have been Italian or so, an OK body but a fact that just oozed expression. His partner in this instance was a thinner red headed kid who looked like there wasn’t anything he didn’t enjoy. They were pretty much putting on a show for everybody with the enthusiasm of Broadway stars. I couldn’t help but get caught up in the crowd standing around and watching. It was insane and hot.

The next thing I knew, the crowd of onlookers had gotten so hot and bothered that there was quite literally an explosion of tension and then there were arms and legs all over the place just going nuts. I once saw an independent film about an underground place in Brooklyn and the movie popped right in my mind. It was also a very jovial and excited energy all around, not stuffy and cold. It was infectious and I found myself just getting carried away – literally and figuratively – by many men. It was incredible.

I ended the experience with a little bit of a work out and a lunch date, and I have to say it was the perfect day. I think it was one of those holidays like President’s Day that don’t really mean much other than a day off of work and – now – a day off on an adventure.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Great Day

I took a little break from The Club, but I went back and remembered why I had fallen into the groove of the place. It really was a way for me to just relax, be myself and enjoy the great company of men. I was having one of those really great days that you don't understand - just happy for the sake of being happy. I decided to celebrate with some new friends by visiting my favorite bathhouse and seeing what was up.

I got off work early and came in mid-afternoon, figuring I would see what was up before people got off work. It wasn't overly busy, but there were enough people there to provide some eye candy and entertain thoughts of what kind of trouble I could get into. I did a lap and decided to plant myself in the steam room to see who would come in. There were already a couple guys in there eyeing each other up and down and I felt myself feeling festive.

I sat down a little bit away from them and watched them flirt with each other. They were obviously enjoying being watched and were showing off their bodies a little bit. I chuckled a little bit at the almost art of it, we really do behave in orchestrations sometimes. They eventually sealed the deal and ended up going off together. I was happy for them.

Since the steam room was now empty I decided to stroll on over to the shower area and clean myself up. I wasn't aware at how festive this place was going to be! A lot of guys were just standing around and talking with the hot water washing all over them. It was hot but friendly - exactly my cup of tea. I picked an area towards the middle, turned on the shower and entered the conversation. Most of them were really cool guys and the conversation started to get a little risqué which of course we all wanted. Next thing I know the guys are comparing body parts and starting conversations with, "So then this one time this guy...."

After a little while of showering the logical next step was to go back into the steam room with everybody and just kind of lose ourselves in there. Two of the guys paired off to find a room, but the rest of us enjoyed each other's company among the deep steam. I have to admit, it was one of the best times I've had at The Club. It was so casual, friendly and not at all the stuffy, tense environment that sometimes takes shape among naked men. We all just got down and enjoyed each other's bodies and company and left in good spirits. Another great day.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I walked into The Club and I was yearning for something. I couldn’t really tell you what it was, but I felt a little anxious and needing a fix of something. I had a hunch that I wouldn’t be disappointed at The Club. I went in, changed and decided to skip the lounging by the pool / chatting bit. I wanted to see who was about and I started by walking through the gym. It occurred to me that maybe a quick workout might ease my anxiety and I grabbed some water and started to get ready.

I was doing a few reps on the bench press when another guy started doing some squats near me and couldn’t take his eyes off of me. I was dead set on working out as I felt somewhat at ease once I started, but I couldn’t help but stare back. Something about a man doing squats just gets me going. After I made eye contact he smiled and we continued our workout flirting from afar. I moved on from the bench press to some arm exercises and sit ups.

Not to be finished to early, I decided to wait around while my new admirer was working out so I went over and started running on the treadmill. It wasn’t long before he finished up lifting and came over to join me. We started talking so I lowered my pace and found out his name and that he was a local guy who came by once in awhile. There was something about him that was friendly yet firm and I was quite intrigued by him. Not only was he great looking but he had a mystique about him.

We finished our cardio and I still felt like I was missing something. He asked if I wanted to go warm up in the sauna and sweat some more and I obviously joined him. We walked in, the room was empty and I sat down towards the corner. He walked slowly over to me with a very stern gaze and then sat down almost on top of me – so close it felt a bit crushing.

Between his close proximity and the look on his face, it was clear he was in control. Not really sure what was happening, my heart started beating really fast and I could feel something happening down below. He didn’t say anything for awhile, just started exploring with his hands. I wasn’t complaining, but I also wasn’t sure where this was leading and how comfortable I was with it.

Finally he grabbed my head really rough and kissed me. It was intense and it told me he meant business. In that kiss I somehow became loose and almost wobbly. It was a wonderful feeling and put me in a place that exercising could not have done. The anxiety was gone and all of a sudden I wanted to do whatever he wanted to do. It was an interesting, great feeling. The rest of the evening I thoroughly enjoyed his company and it opened my eyes…a lot.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Party Time - Part Two

So we walked over to them and introduced ourselves. They glanced at each other, smiled, and returned the formalities. They were visiting from out of town, on a road trip and passing through. They were a little worked up being stuck in the car for so long that they decided to come hang at The Club. Pretty typical story and we all sat around shooting the shit, talking about nothing in particular.

Things got interesting when the new boys said that they wanted a tour of the place. We all pretty much knew what that meant and we decided to check out some of the places including the sauna and steamroom. The place wasn’t particularly busy this day so it felt as if we were running the joint. Between the sense of ownership of the place and our new friends’ jovial attitude, we felt unstoppable. Unstoppable was definitely a word to describe the rest of the afternoon.

We started out as a group enjoying each other’s company and bodies in the sauna. I always seem to have the best time in the sauna – something about that dry heat just drives me wild. We spent a bit of time in there, exploring each other somewhat modestly, enjoying the time spent.

After a little while we took a break and decided to check out some other areas of The Club. The two guys had rented rooms, not just lockers, so we went in to see what they were like. The one room was pretty standard with a bed and a TV, clean, but the second room was very interesting. We walked in to see a sling hanging from the ceiling and one of our new friends had a wide grin on his face. I was intrigued and a little wary.

“Anybody wanna get in?” He asked. I have to admit I really wanted to, but wasn’t sure if I would like it and didn’t want to be the one to chicken out. The gorgeous guy from the story decided to hop in. It didn’t take long after that for me to realize that I did indeed want to try out the sling. I ended up swapping out and the two jovial guys enjoyed having both of us in there. I have to admit it, with these two guys being so fun and free, I would’ve tried anything. They just really relaxed people.

We ended up spending a few hours together, having a great time. I started the afternoon off so stressed, and then between the story I heard and the great time I had I felt amazing. That’s the great thing about a place like this, I always know I’ll meet some interesting people and really unwind.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Party Time - Part One

I have to share with you all a story I was told the other day. I took a little bit of a hiatus from The Club due to work and the holidays, but I met the most interesting guy there the other day. It was a slower day than normal and I was lounging around just kind of relaxing after a particularly hard day at work. I didn’t see this gorgeous guy come up to me, but the next thing I knew somebody was introducing himself to me. I welcomed the company and smiled at the sight of him.

We started talking about mundane things people talk about upon first meeting. Work, movies, pop culture, travel. The last topic was particularly interesting as he started talking about another city he was in and The Club there he visited. The venue he described sounded much like the one we were in, but the real difference was the night he ended up going. It turned out that a dozen guys were celebrating their friend’s bachelor party by checking the place out. What better way to celebrate the beginning of monogamy than a trip to The Club?

“So this crowd of guys was amazing,” he was telling me. “They basically came in with a real zest for life and took command of the entire place. The charisma and enthusiasm they brought was spectacular. They came in, stripped down and didn’t even really use towels. They were joking with each other, parading around and making it clear that the guy who was about to marry his partner needed some attention.” He laughed at a thought this sentence provoked.

“They basically set up shop around the showers and sauna and broke off into groups. A few would go here and a couple others over there. Again, their excitement was infections and before we knew it the entire place was buzzing with their energy. Guys were hanging out in the steam room, sauna and pool like always but it was much more communal and friendly. If anybody had had a hang-up before about being in a bathhouse, they were instantly put at ease by these guys.” They sounded great.

“We all had a great time with them and the soon-to-not-be a bachelor definitely got his money’s worth of festivities. He was by far the center of attention and I almost felt bad for the guy at one point seeing as pretty much nobody would leave him alone. Then I saw a couple of things that made me realize there was no reason to feel bad for him.” He laughed again. “At one point in the evening there seemed to be a line to get into the sauna. They had all congregated there, brought in a few token guys with them and most people were itching to be part of the action.”

I couldn’t help but yearn for more details, but as his last sentence trailed off we heard some laughter behind us. We turned around to see two guys, obviously friends, teasing each other by slapping towels. They were both obviously having a good time and as my new friend turned to smile at me, we both realized we need to make new friends…