Monday, March 2, 2009

Club Orlando - March 2009 Newsletter

Special Feature: Joy Metropolitan Community Church

The history of Joy MCC is similar to many Metropolitan Community Churches formed in the early years of the denomination. In November 1978, the Southeast District Committee of the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches approved sending Rev. Arthur Fleschner to Orlando. By mid-January 1979, he had persuaded 22 people to take part in forming a new MCC. The group first met on January 14, 1979. Under Rev. Fleschner's leadership, Joy MCC achieved "New Work" status as a beginning church body on March 18, 1979; this was followed by "Commissioned Church" status on June 9, 1981.

Joy continued to grow at a rapid rate. This was a good sign that the Orlando area was the right place for a MCC church. Joy MCC worked hard to prepare all the documents for gaining "Chartered Church" status. The District Committee recommended that the UFMCC Board of Elders grant "Chartered Church" status to Joy MCC and approval was given on December 13, 1982. Joy MCC selected March 13, 1983 as its chartering date.

From the very beginning, Joy MCC has actively supported and been supported by the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community throughout the Central Florida area. The vision of Joy MCC is to "share and embody the love of Jesus Christ, without barriers, as we journey together with God."

The story of Joy MCC - that began 30 years ago - continues today, with strong leadership provided by Rev. John Middleton.

In addition to providing a spiritual vision for the love of Jesus Christ, Joy MCC is active in the Central Florida community. Joy MCC provides support for the Garrett-Reed Thanksgiving Food Drive, and the Winnie Toal Food Pantry which services the entire Central Florida area with food for the hungry. Joy MCC also provides meeting space for many groups in the GLBT community, including AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), CMA (Crystal Methamphetamine Anonymous), SAA (Sex Addicts Anonymous) and others. If you would like to get more information or become actively involved, please contact Joy MCC at the following email address:

Healthful Information

Loosing Belly Fat through Exercise

One thing people need to know while trying to loose unwanted fat on the mid section: They don't take into consideration the hormone connection to fat burning. Exercise itself does not burn fat. It triggers hormones that do that. It takes place 24-48 hours after a good sleep. The hormones that work through the liver are called growth hormone.
Men with big guts don't have an overabundance of body fat, but what can be called liver body type. The belly is filled with a fluid called Ascites. The liver is so damaged it leaks fluid into the abdomen. The best remedy for this is raw Vegetables high in potassium. Broccoli, kale, Brussels sprouts etc...

Exercise triggers growth hormone release. The more intense the exercise the more growth hormone is triggered.

The best exercise is short bursts of intense aerobics with lots of rests in between.

Examples are weight training, basketball, sprints, and football.

You need to exercise 25-40 minutes. GH is triggered 2 days later and in a deep sleep. You need to sleep and get your rest.

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Daylight Savings Time

Time to set your clocks one hour ahead on Sunday, March 8.

Community Information

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