Monday, January 19, 2009

Club St. Louis - February 2009 Newsletter

The weather might be frigid outside, but we're keeping it HOT inside at The Club - St. Louis!!!  By popular demand, we've brought back our HAPPY HOUR pricing!  Every Friday from 4 PM through 9 PM, every room and locker is $5.00 off!!!  And we still have our TUESDAY EVENING LOCKER SPECIAL ($10.00 for any locker) and our THURSDAY EVENING HALF-PRICE ROOM SPECIAL (we fill up quickly, so get here early).
On Sunday, February 1 we're hosting a SUPER BOWL PARTY -  snacks and festive beverages will be served at half time and there will be special "goodies" for guys in jocks. Come on over - relax - and watch the game on our 60" big screen TV.
Cupid's ready to fire an arrow at you during our VALENTINE'S DAY "RED" PARTY... Saturday evening, February 14 starting at 9 PM, with a red buffet and beverage to energize you served at 11 PM.  The building will be bathed in red to set the mood for an evening of frolic and maybe a little romance (even if it's only for a couple of hours). So break out your red underwear and jocks and join the hunt!
We're also planning an event in co-operation with the MR. MISSOURI LEATHER CONTEST for the weekend of March 6 - 8 - keep checking here for details as the date gets closer.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Club Columbus - January 2009 Newsletter

Why not start out 2009 by doing something about your health, your fitness and your looks? Every year we declare a resolution to "Lose-It", but this year, Club Columbus is coming to YOU personally to help make YOUR New Year's resolution a reality! Club Columbus is offering One Week of Fitness Free during the month of January, 2009. Check out the ad on our web site or call Bob at 614-291-0049, extension 4 to schedule an appointment. Give yourself the gift of heath this year and bring along a friend to help you start the New Year out right! There is absolutely NO CHARGE for this!

On January 19, Martin Luther Kings, Jr. Day, services will be held at King's former church, Ebenezer Baptist Church. This service comes the day before the inauguration ceremony in Washington D.C. with Rev. Rick Warren delivering the keynote address. "Dr. King's dream includes everyone", said Farris, the chief organizing officer for the service. "Rick Warren may not agree with some of the things that some of God's children do, but he does at least acknowledge that they are God's children, unlike a lot of the other conservative colleagues,", said Farris. Let's hope Issac Newton Farris, Jr. is right in believing this will unite all groups who struggle against bigotry and for the acceptance of all.

Ugly, worn paneling has been replaced with freshly painted drywall in the private rooms and suites. Each room required that all molding, trim, electrical outlet, and paneling be removed before new drywall could be installed. Once the new walls were sanded and painted, all the trim and fixtures had to be re-installed. Thanks to Shawn and Ray for their hard work in sprucing up the "new rooms".

Our newly redesigned has become XXX. Besides the Clubs Locker Room, you can post your profile, blog, set up groups, and more. Check it out.

Only Bill Maher has the balls to make such a scathing documentary about organized religion in the movie "Religulous". Only Harvey Milk had the balls to courageously and mercilessly fight against bigotry in the movie "Milk". If you are not part of the Religious Right, believe in religious pluralism, and believe that constitutional democracy matter, you must see these two movies. Both "Religulous" and "Milk" show the "religious war" going on in America, and how the Religious Right would take away our freedoms. GO SEE THE MOVIES.

The entire staff of Club Columbus thank you for your support during the past year and wish you happiness, success, and good health in 2009. As always, we welcome your feedback.

Club Indianapolis - January 2009 Newsletter

Surviving the Thanksgiving to New Year's Day crunch is enough to make even the merriest to see Rudolph-nosed red. On January 2, that anti-celebration break sets in when you just collapse onto the couch and unbutton your ever-tightened post-buffet pants and retire that Mariah Carey Christmas collection from your CD player. You have gone from 24/7 party person to dead-halted recluse...and not by choice, but by an empty calendar coincidence. To fill-in that empty calendar, Club Indianapolis is offering One Week of Fitness Free to combat that post-holiday depression. Check out the ad on our web site or call Bob at 317-635-5796, extension 5 to schedule and appointment Bring along a friend to help you start the New Year out right! There is absolutely NO CHARGE for this.

On January 19, we celebrate the birthday of Rev. Dr. Marin Luther King, Jr., America's civil rights icon. There are some, both within and outside the gay community, who object when LGBT people draw comparisons between our civil rights struggle and the movement for black civil rights. However, many feel our struggles need not be identical in order for appropriate comparisons to be made. Most importantly, acknowledging the similarities between struggles for social and economic justice--be they on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or anything else--in no way diminishes any of those struggles. As so eloquently articulate by Dr. King: 'Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere'. Hopefully, Dr. King's memory will make all of us proud to be an American.

on the redesigned Everyday, hot men are joining the Clubs Locker Room, submitting their photos, downloading their video, posting their profile, blogging, setting up groups, etc. There's enough new things to do on the web site to keep a guy busy.

Beware when you hear claims that the Religious Right is dead. When Religious Right leaders, such as James Dobson, call for "martyrs" and predicts there will come a time when we will have to risk our lives to save "God's country", than such declarations that the Culture Wars are over turn out to be spectacularly wrong. If you have the chance, go see the movie "Religulous" and the movie "Milk". In both movies, we see how the Religious Right intends and is capable of waging and winning theocractic battles against LGBT human rights. GO SEE THE TWO MOVIES.

The entire staff of Club Indianapolis thanks you for your support during the past year and wish you happiness, success, and good health in 2009. As always, we welcome your feedback.

Club New Orleans - January 2009 Newsletter

Happy New Year from all of us here in New Orleans! We're all hoping that 2009 will bring us all peace, prosperity and good health.

Here at the Club we are focusing on the upcoming Carnival Season. We'll begin the month of January with our annual King Cake Party on January 6th which kicks off Mardi Gras. Our regular customers really look forward to this event not only for the delicious King Cakes but for the prizes and surprises that we offer. Traditional New Orleans King Cakes are delicious pastries which may be filled with assorted fruits and creme, and of course the King Cake Baby which is hidden inside. Special prizes are given to those who get the "Baby".

We are in the midst of Sugar Bowl weekend and we welcome all of the out of town revelers to stop by the Club and see what we've been up to! The Sugar Bowl is at 7pm, Friday, January 2, but festivities will continue all weekend long throughout the French Quarter.

Getting back to Mardi Gras, the annual Phunny Pharty Phellows kicks off the season on January 6th at 7pm along the Saint Charles Streetcar route. New Orleans will pause to celebrate Martin Luther King's birthday on January 19th with parades and events all over the city. Of course the next day we will celebrate a new beginning for our country with the inauguration of our new President. 

If you need any information on Gay Mardi Gras check out